Product Detail
Automatic high speed self-adhesive labeling machine
Product Details

说明: 可独立式作业,或衔接输送线


警示功能: 无色带警示,断标缺标警示

瓶形直径: Φ10-120mm 高Φ20-300mm

标签范围:高15-150mm 长25-300mm

纸卷内径:Φ 76mm ,外径:Φ 300mm(最大)

贴标速度: 200-400瓶/分

精度误差: ±0.5(视瓶子圆真度,垂直度而定)

电压: 220V 50/60HZ 1.2KW

重量: 220Kg 供瓶转盘: 60Kg

外形尺寸:1500X 800X 1300mm

Note: it could works single, also could be joined with the conveyor

Suitable bottle shape: glass bottle,plastic bottle, square bottle and taper bottle

Caution: give the caution without the ribbon, lack the label and break the label

The diameter of the bottle: 10-120mm     Hight  20-300mm

The range of the label: Hight  15-150mm     Length  25-300mm

Inside diameter of the label roll: 76mm  

The outside diameter of the label roll: 300mm(max)

Labelling speed: 200-400 bottle/minute

Precision: ±0.5(Basic on the circle angle of the bottle ,vertical angle)

Electric power: 220V  50/60HZ  1.2KW

Weight: 220Kg     Providing bottles turntable: 60Kg

Dimension: 1500*800*1300mm